Where's Langsford?

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Cincinnati Reading Center, formerly Langsford Learning Acceleration Center, has served Ohio and northern Kentucky families since 2001.

Our History

In 1992, The Langsford Corporation, opened their doors in Louisville as “The Langsford Center”.

In 2001, based on client requests from Cincinnati, the Langsford Center in Cincinnati opened.

In May of 2007, the Cincinnati based Langsford Center became an independent center and a joint marketing agreement was reached between The Langsford Corporation of Louisville and Learning Acceleration Centers of Cincinnati for the purpose of sharing best practices in our shared mission of developing life-long independent learners.

In 2020, Langsford Cincinnati started offering online instruction as our response to providing needed instruction to students at home during the COVID19 shutdown.

2023 became the year we changed our name to Cincinnati Reading Center – A name which better reflects what we do, where we do it, and one that will be easier to pass along to friends, family, neighbors, and associates.




Our old name

Same approach to developing life long independent readers

Same Instructional Processes