Autism Scholarship

This Ohio Department of Education program allows families who have a student diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder to utilze their public school funds for private educational therapies.

Autism Scholarship Program

Cincinnati Reading Center is an appropriate service provider for your child if:

  • Your child has appropriate communication skills for our approaches. All intervention work is one-to-one and is highly language based.
  • Your child is diagnosed with Asperger’ Syndrome or PDD-NOS, or is otherwise high-functioning with a reasonable ability to communicate orally. Though we work with all types of children and behaviors, we are reading and learning experts, not behavioral therapists. Children diagnosed with ASD will be evaluated to determine if our reading and learning approaches are an appropriate fit.
  • We generally work with older students in comprehension and expressive language to improve their ability to think beyond the words on the page and the black and white facts. For many of these students, reading came buy aciphex online easy. On occasion, we see younger students with ASD who need reading support. Again, the students we work best with have a reasonable ability to communicate.
  • Your child’s IEP has goals for developing skills in reading, spelling, comprehension, expressive language, and writing.
    You are looking for daily educational therapies, not a full-time school. Langsford is not a full-time school.
    This web link to the Ohio Department of Education provides all the details for your review: Autism Scholarship Program.

If your child is already enrolled in the ASP and his/her IEP includes goals related to reading, spelling, language comprehension, handwriting, and/or mathematics, we can help.

We are attuned to the needs of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. If your child is not enrolled in the OHIO ASP and you would like more information about this program, Contact Us and we’d be happy to assist you.